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You will find hypnosis profoundly relaxing and nourishing; change happens quickly and powerfully and even very complex problems can improve a great deal in just a few sessions. I am very good at understanding how people tick & I have a gift for helping people. Because hypnosis harnesses the power of the unconscious mind, I enable people to recover their zest for living. After working with me, people find that they approach life with greater resilience, creativity, flexibility, good cheer and confidence.

Over the last twenty years I have worked with patients from many walks of life, and my clients have been delighted and amazed by the power of hypnosis.

I see patients worldwide via Zoom and in person at Tenterden, Kent, UK. You can contact me by phone or email via this website.


  • Hypnotherapy enables you to speak in front of others with calmness and confidence. Using hypnosis I will programme your unconscious mind how to prepare yourself beforehand and to project confidence, mastery and ease to your listeners. Friends, colleagues and family will be surprised and delighted.

  • Eliminate unnecessary test nerves and exam stress. Radically reduce procrastination using the power of hypnotherapy.

  • Improve mental health; hypnotherapy strengthens both mind and emotions.

  • Dental and medical phobia; take the dread out of dental appointments with hypnotherapy.

  • Dealing with difficult people - hypnotherapy fills you with confidence and relaxes you so that you can disarm agressive or difficult people.

  • Fear of flying and travel.

  • Fear or phobia of spiders, wasps, bugs, bats and beetles

  • Phobia of heights, glass lifts. Here is before and after feedback from one Sept 2019 patient

    "My problem with heights didn't really affect me as a 20 yr old. I would go on fair ground rides but probably since having children it has slowly come about and is getting worse as I'm getting older. Going on cable cars, high castle stairs/towers is where I have noticed it. The O2 up in the gods.... I sweat, feel like I'm losing my balance, tremble and legs feel like jelly! How I have coped so far is looked at the back of someone's head (family or friends). And tend not to do/avoid doing/going - easier than feeling upset."
    And after hypnosis
    "Hi Helen,
    I am really pleased with the progress I saw/felt over the bank holiday weekend....went in a glass lift and staircase with gaps and 3rd floor !!!!! Really pleased thank you."
    Kate B, E Sussex.


  • Anger management - Hypnotherapy will help you learn emotional wisdom. Genuine anger is a last resort for emergencies. Using it regularly is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and exposes your brain and body to a lot of harmful toxic chemicals and you CAN learn to do it differently.

  • Eat healthily - hypnotherapy strengthens willpower and awareness, enabling you to refuse salty, carb-heavy, sugary, fatty foods and to really love greens and salads. Understand the hidden calories in fruit juices and most dressings and sauces. In hypnosis you will understand the many, many reasons why we eat far more food than our bodies need.

  • Get the motivation to exercise, and/or study

  • Change behaviours that stem from low self-esteem, such as not standing up for yourself. It isn't healthy to be dominated and manipulated by others. Using my many years of experience both in the City and as a therapist, I can help you devise shrewd strategies to help you break free from people who are excessively dominant and manipulative and I will work with your unconscious mind so you can find inner strength and resilience and self-confidence which will make others less likely to try to dominate you.

  • Break unwanted habits and addictions such as smoking, nail-biting, hair-pulling, vaping. But please note I do not treat drug addictions (heroin, cocaine, cannabis etc under any circumstances )

  • Improve sports focus and performance

  • After working with me, customers report that their ability to go out and really enjoy their life is vastly improved


  • Get relief for various types of pain (e.g. complex regional pain syndrome) and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

  • Reduce the frequency of epilepsy

  • Enjoy a good night's sleep. Eradicate nightmares

  • Help for eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

  • Post traumatic stress disorder and more minor traumas such as divorce, bereavement, injustice, being involved in a trial, breakdown of a relationship or friendship


    Some more information on some of the above conditions in alphabetical order.

    Alcohol - Excessive drinking

    Anxiety – constant worrier, panic attacks, always imagining the worst, generalized anxiety disorder, free-floating anxiety.

    Blushing and self-consciousness - "I found myself chatting to people in the lift at work, something I had never done before."

    Depression – persistent low mood, focusing on loss, incapacity, weakness, frustration, pain and setbacks, constant rehashing of negative events in your life, sense of disempowerment.

    Divorce A patient recently described her hypnotherapy sessions as 'invaluable' in helping her get through a painful divorce.

    Eating Disorders/Weight Loss Some people are sugar addicts, others eat too little of the right foods and too much of the wrong things. People eat to make up for a lack of love now or in the past, to deaden emotional and mental suffering, to counteract a sense of failure, hopelessness and being not loveable enough. People eat out of habit. People find it hard to eat healthily in company. My hypnotherapy gets to the heart of the matter without criticizing or judging.

    Eczema and psoriasis/Skin disorders -

    Exam nerves,

    Recently, it was my great pleasure to help yet another patient achieve her lifetime ambition of getting a place on a course. A couple of years ago, she had quit a prestigious job to try for a place on a course to enable her to pursue her goal, only to fail the audition. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, including some things that were completely beyond her control. However, her dream career continued to haunt her and she applied afresh, but this time she came for hypnosis prior to taking the audition. In hypnosis we worked on strengthening her self-esteem and her presentation skills. I suggested a lot of practical ways in which she could promote herself and anticipate and deflect possible criticisms. Using hypnosis her subconscious mind was powerfully strengthened and although there were 80 applicants for only four places, she proved herself a worthy candidate and won one of the coveted places.

    Fears and phobias flying, spiders, dentists, needles, being trapped, lifts, ‘of there being not enough air,’ social situations, fear of people.

    To The Tenterden Hypnotherapist, Helen France
    Dear Helen, thank you once again for your help. I have given your details to my G.P. and massage therapist so perhaps you will hear from them. Life is easier for me now since I stopped carrying the sole responsibility for my son and his family and now have a better sense of where any boundaries need to be. Once again, thank you, Diana Austin.

    Insomnia -

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    Low self-esteem - Self confidence and Courage

    Migraines and Cluster Headaches
    "I went to Helen to see if she could help me with the migraines that I was suffering from. She taught me techniques to control the pain and in general, her methods were very useful. She also enabled me to deal with other aspects of my life, after only three sessions. G. from Kent"


    "I just wanted to thank you for the truly astounding result of your hypnotherapy session with me. I had been waking in the night with quite horrific nightmares and come to realize that I always need to pop to the toilet after waking up. After just a few sessions with you, where you taught my inner self to simply wake me up peacefully when I needed a pee, I have not had a single nightmare since. The result is a more restful night. "
    Ian Lloyd, Property and Energy Consultant

    Obsessive compulsive disorder - compulsive hand-washing, cleaning, counting, tidying, checking locks, hoarding and collecting are all very responsive to hypnotherapy, after which you will have a lot more time to actually enjoy your life.

    Panic attacks, fears, phobias and anxiety

    Perfectionism -

    Post traumatic stress disorder -

    Public speaking

    Relationship difficulties


    Teeth grinding (bruxism)

    Tics An episode of 'I'm Different, Let Me Drive' (BBC) hypnotherapy is used to control a learner driver's tics so that she is safe to drive. After years of lessons, she finally passes thanks to hypnotherapy.


    Weight loss.

    COVID & ITS EFFECTS ON MENTAL HEALTH & HOW HYPNOTHERAPY HELPS. (Extract from The Daily Telegraph & comments)

    Renee Watson, a healthy 43-year-old, has received both her coronavirus jabs already. Meanwhile, the UK Covid infection rate has dwindled and the size of our vaccinated population has swelled. Lockdown is easing, pavement cafes and beer gardens are teeming, and life is inching back to something more like normality.

    But not so much for Watson, nor those like her who may be suffering – to a greater or lesser degree – from what has been termed Covid anxiety syndrome. Watson, an entrepreneur who was once “quite a risk-taker” feels far happier playing it safe now.

    “I thought I’d spring back and return to being keen to go to restaurants and shopping,” says the mother-of-two from Oxfordshire. “But I’ve really not wanted to at all. I’m still ordering everything online. It’s not like me, it’s strange: I’m normally a sociable person and like going to festivals but it feels like too much risk at the moment.”

    Watson’s response to the easing of lockdown is not all that uncommon, say psychologists. It is not yet known how many people will be affected by residual Covid anxiety after vaccination, but it’s feared a significant minority will struggle to readjust, especially as increased unlocking allows for large groups and big, crowded events to take place again.

    While many of us are enjoying the chance to socialise and travel normally, some are clinging fearfully to the safety behaviours enforced upon us during the pandemic. What was once a rational response to danger has become a “maladaptive” response as the danger recedes.

    It was Marcantonio Spada, professor of addictive behaviours and mental health at London South Bank University, and Ana Nikčević, a psychology professor at Kingston University, who identified and named the phenomenon of Covid-19 anxiety syndrome.

    Early in the pandemic, they hypothesised there would be a number of coping behaviours people would adopt in relation to the perceived threat of Covid, which, while initially helpful, may over time become problematic, especially during the process of reintegration. These behaviours – which may include not touching things, avoiding using public transport, worrying, and monitoring our environment and other people for the presence of the virus – could potentially keep us “stuck”, they suggested.

    “In people who use these coping strategies consistently, excessively, daily, with the view they will keep them safe, [it] may inadvertently ‘lock’ them into Covid-19-related fear and distress and hinder their reintegration and return to normal,” say the researchers.

    Data they have collected in both the US and UK bears out their theory. Their findings suggest that those at a greater risk from the virus are more prone to Covid anxiety syndrome. But Spada believes as many as one in five people could struggle with the return to normality, and that women under 40 may be particularly affected, since other research has shown this demographic to be worst hit by the pandemic psychologically.

    For Watson, who studied immunology, it’s the uncertainty surrounding the virus that troubles her. “I’m a massive advocate of vaccines, but Covid has been so unpredictable, it hasn’t behaved like we’d expect a virus of this kind,” she says. “So although I think vaccination will definitely give me a level of protection, I don’t think we yet know fully what that protection will look like, and with the emergence of lots of variants we don’t know how well the current vaccine will protect us against emerging strains. So I don’t necessarily want to put myself at risk. The children going back to school feels like enough of a risk.”

    Thoughts like these are echoed in online messaging forums. “The virus hasn’t gone away,” wrote one Gransnet user last month. “Even if like me you have had both vaccinations, there is no guarantee a variant won’t turn up and require more and different vaccines. I don’t intend to go daft now, just because someone says we can.” Another replied: “I’ve got used to living the way I do now and will find it difficult to live normally again.”

    Richard, a 53-year-old from north London who works in property, says his worries centre around the failure of others to stick to the rules - and the fact the vaccine does not guarantee 100 per cent protection. “I had my vaccination 12 days ago, but I could still get Covid,” he says. “Even if I wasn’t [severely] ill I could still have side effects or long Covid. I do feel nervous. You feel a bit ‘bah humbug’ if you ask your friends how many people are going to be there when you visit, but I want to put myself at minimal risk.”

    Hypnotherapy can be helpful to actively break those negative cycles of thought and action.

    Owen O’Kane, a former NHS clinical lead for mental health and author of Ten Times Happier, predicts an increase in anxiety disorders as we emerge from lockdown, not only centering around the fear of Covid itself but also broader worries about reintegration; but with the help of hypnotherapy these dire predictions do not have to come true for you. “I’m seeing people who weren’t socially anxious now struggling with lockdowns easing and having to socially interact. Also an increase in people finding public spaces claustrophobic or too busy.” Fortunately, the unconscious mind is very elastic, and responds well to encouragement and suggestion during hypnosis. Numerous patients have reported how much better they feel after just one session of hypnotherapy.

    Fear of missing out has, for some, become fear of going out. O’Kane, a psychotherapist, suggests a proportion of the population will suffer from what he calls “post-pandemic stress disorder” and says: “We’re not going to see the true impact until the pandemic is completely over.”

    Indeed, the true scale of the problem is likely to be larger than what is evident now. “The trauma aspect of this has been understated,” he says. “Many people, to a degree, have experienced some trauma. We’ve been locked away for a year by and large, all our routines have changed, we’ve been watching horrific headlines every day and are constantly engulfed in a culture of fear. Unquestionably that’s going to traumatise people.” And many people do not know how good hypnosis is at reducing the effects of trauma.

    Clinicians can help by encouraging people to “step out of fear mode” and start making some gradual behavioural changes, he says. “You’d encourage people to drop the safety behaviours and say ‘this is keeping you more anxious.’” And hypnosis enables you to make this change more quickly and easily.

    Prof Nikčević is broadly optimistic. “We believe the majority of people will be able to release these coping strategies [eventually],” she says. “We need to gradually encourage [them]...so people can, over time, release these mental controls.”

    For Watson, it will be a matter of watching how things play out. “I don’t think rushing to get back to being in densely populated areas at the moment is going to do any of us any favours,” she says. “I’m just going to take it easy and see what happens." Hypnotherapy works on the unconscious mind quickly and effectively to calm fear and anxiety.


    Former England wicketkeeper, Sarah Taylor, who successfully used hypnotherapy for her agoraphobia says
    “It’s about planting nice seeds in your mind, replacing negative thoughts with happier ones and it can do wonders. If I can get that part of my life sorted then I’m laughing really.”

    Sarah Taylor is describing the benefits of hypnosis. It is her new treatment for agoraphobia

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