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Thank you for visiting my website. How can I help you? Perhaps you want to lose some weight or to give up smoking? Or perhaps you want to feel more confident, or to get help for anxiety and depression? I have been the main hypnotherapist in Tenterden since 2000, and have built up a lot of experience helping patients with a wide variety of problems.

People come to me because they have a problem that they cannot resolve despite their best efforts. This might be emotional, physical or mental, and may relate to their work, home, social or family life. Hypnotherapy works very powerfully on the unconscious mind and changes thet the way you think, feel and behave.

I work inTenterden and the cost is just £50 for an hour long session and I have been in practise since 2000. Smoking requires an extra long session (1 1/2 hours) and costs just £125. Included in the price is a free back-up session of an hour. I have seen an awful lot of smokers over the years, and hardly anybody has ever needed to come back for that back-up session.

Hypnotherapy will help you kick start a new diet. I advocate a low carbohydrate approach that focuses on cutting out excess bread, potatoes, pasta and rice, and replacing it with meat, fish and eggs plus lots and lots of greens and salad stuffs. Hypnotherapy will help you adjust your eating habits so that you eat smaller portions, make better food choices, eliminate all unnecessary sugar. You will be surprised how well you feel and your friends will want some of what you've got.

Affairs - Your local Hypnotherapist is available in Tenterden and Battle. Hypnosis a really powerful force for dispelling the pain, distress, sense of betrayal and fear that inevitably go alongside such events.

Agoraphobia -Don't let life pass you by - being stuck indoors all day is depressing and demoralising. Your fears can be beaten - give hypnosis a try - what have you got to lose?

Alcohol Not an alcoholic but just need to cut down? can help.

Anxiety – constant worrier, panic attacks, always imagining the worst, generalized anxiety disorder, free-floating anxiety.

Assertiveness – how get your point across without getting people’s backs up. Being able to say ‘no’ to others and make them respect your boundaries.

Irritable bowel syndrome much improved and I no longer worry about going out, Stella Green

Blushing and self-consciousness - I found myself chatting to people in the lift at work, something I had never done before

Cardiac Problems – fear of surgery, need to reduce stress levels because of risk to health, recovering from heart attack or heart surgery

Cancer - Leading charity Cancer Research UK reports that hypnosis can help people to reduce their blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain. Many patients from Ashford and beyond have found that hypnosis creates relaxing brain wave patterns that help reduce pain and stress of cancer and treatment side effects.

Colitis - The link between stress and the gut is very well-known. Reducing stress and changing your response to stressful people and events using hypnosis can work wonders for colitis as well as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). As a long-standing hypnotherapist in Tenterden & Battle, I get a lot of requests for help with such disorders.

Conflict management - We are all in the business of influencing one another. Boosting your confidence helps you keep your cool during argument. Also I teach patients various techniques so that they can manage and diffuse other people's aggression.

Depression – persistent low mood, focusing on loss, incapacity, weakness, frustration, pain and setbacks, constant rehashing of negative events in your life. These are all typical signs of depression. The good news from the hypnotherapist's couch in Tenterden is that I have led a lot of people out of the tedious cycle of depression and the terrible sense of failure and vulnerability that goes with it. I am kindly, caring and never judgmental, but I also have a gentle way of putting the cards on the table in a frank and honest fashion that really helps patients to make lasting change.

Helen helped me realize that some of my ways of thinking about things were contributing to my depression. During hypnosis she helped me stop beating myself up and I learned how to be kinder to myself.

Dermatitis - Seeing an experienced hypnotherapist in Tenterden is such a quick and easy way to relieve the itching, reduce inflammation and frequency of flare-ups.


Divorce - Divorce is very like a bereavement. Two people who have been knit very closely together now find they are pulling apart at the seams and it is very painful in so many ways. If another person is involved there is a terrible sense of betrayal and the injured party often feels humiliated and worthless. One's self-esteem and sense of identity often takes a terrible battering during a divorce and my years of experience and gentle, caring and nurturing skills will be invaluable in helping to restore and heal you so that you can face the world again.
An patient recently described her hypnotherapy sessions as 'invaluable' in helping her get through a painful divorce.

Driving Anxiety

Eating Disorders From personal experience as a hypnotherapist in Tenterden I have found that cutting out wheat and gluten from your diet enables patients to quit addictive behaviour or difficulty controlling urges to eat chocolate, cakes, biscuits, crisps, cheese. Hypnotherapy also deals with problems controlling portion size, difficulty resisting the desire to have seconds/extra helping, snacking, grazing, eating between meals, maintaining healthy eating patterns when with others or in social situations on when on holiday, eating on auto-pilot e.g. you start a packet of biscuits and find you have eaten half the packet without realizing what you are doing. The hypnosis I give patients is particularly powerful for helping you gain a relaxed and comfortable control over your food intake. After all eating is a normal, natural, healthy and enjoyable activity. Life should not be one long battle with food and with oneself.

Eczema and psoriasis - The health of your skin is intimately linked to your emotional and mental well-being. Even people without skin disorders notice that their skin suffers when they have been ill or very stressed, whereas when you have been on holiday or fallen in love, your skin blooms. As one of the busiest hypnotherapists in Tenterden and Battle, I work on the unconscious mind and in most cases patients I work with are delighted to experience significant improvements in their skin conditions and often they simply disappear completely. What could be nicer!

Embarrassment and self-consciousness – Scars, blushing, port-wine stains, medical problems, facial blemishes and facial asymmetry can all lead to emotional vulnerability and emotional scars from thoughtless comments and rejection. The good news is that hypnotherapy is exceptional good at boosting your confidence and healing emotional scars.

Emotional difficulties - There are a wide variety of emotional difficulties such as excessive jealousy, uncontrollable tearfulness, difficulty forming close emotional attachments with others, and many others. Apart from psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or bi-polar disorders, most emotional difficulties respond readily to the gentle yet powerful action of hypnotherapy.

Exam nerves, - I have successfully treated a lot of students, teenagers and young people for problems such as poor study motivation, mind ‘freezing in exams’, difficulty concentrating, can't get down to studying (procrastination), poor sleep, and general exam and study anxiety.

I had been worrying about the course for a long time and Helen's relaxing voice when I was in hypnosis enabled me to trust myself and stop worrying. I would definitely suggest you see Helen for hypnosis in Battle or Tenterden as she will really help you sort your problems out.

Fear or phobia of flying, spiders, dentists, needles, being trapped, lifts, ‘of there being not enough air,’ social situations, fear of people. During more than a decade in practice, I have treated a lot of phobics who are heartily glad to be able to get on an aeroplane or train, drive over bridges and be near spiders without feeling panicky, tearful, breathless or as if they are about to have a heart attack.

Fear of failure - If I said to you that failure is a normal and healthy part of life, how would you respond? Some people find failure such a scary and emotionally distressing experience that risk taking or new situations become too much to cope with. I have helped a lot of people change. After therapy patients often report back that they had surprised themselves by doing new things that they would never have done in the past.

Fibromyalgia - hypnotherapy can reduce pain and stress levels so that you see an improvement in your quality of life. Sufferers of auto-immune diseases often find that the complaint arose in response to a prolonged period of severe stress such as a long and bitter divorce.

Grief – persistent sadness, often tearful and yet crying brings no lasting relief. Normally we grieve for losses and, whether they be great of small, eventually we get over them or come to terms with them. However sometimes we can get stuck in the grieving process and hypnotherapy can help you get through your grieving and come out the other side.

Habitual worrier - The misery of constant worry is very responsive to treatment - Tenterden's nicest hypnotherapist awaits you.

Headaches – migraines, cluster headaches, stress headaches all respond very well to hypnosis

Healthy eating - All sorts of things can sabotage our good intentions and hypnotherapy can help you improve your ability to resist unhealthy eating.


Hoarding – if you just can’t let go of possessions, come for hypnotherapy in Battle & Tenterden; it works gently but powerfully on the unconscious part of the mind so that you can heal and adjust the way in which you are connected to your possessions.


Insomnia - Being unable to sleep can be very wearing particularly when you can see the hours ticking past and know you will have to get up at a certain time to go to work. I have helped a great many people recover their natural capacity for sweet, uninterrupted and refreshing sleep. I often teach patients self-hypnosis which creates an altered state of consciousness that is very similar to sleep and provides a great way of relaxing in preparation for sleep. Some patients have great difficulty laying aside work or family concerns and lie in bed for hours chewing over problems without really getting anywhere. To deal with this I have a number of tried and tested stratagies for leaving the problems elsewhere.


Interview skills and preparation - interviews need to be prepared for with the same thoroughness you would give to an exam. I have helped many people get through exams by showing them cast-iron preparation techniques which are strengthened with hypnotherapy. In hypnosis I work with the patient to develop confidence and often we do role-play work to ensure that they come across well.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) An article in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) recommended hypnotherapy as the treatment of choice for IBS.
This article on BBC Health News website confirms hypnotherapy can help IBS sufferers

Also from the charity Core (Previously the Digestive Disorders Foundation):

A report by Professor Moser of the University Clinic for Internal Medicine in Vienna, Austria has identified that hypnotherapy could be an effective treatment for patients with IBS, and one which has no side effects. Treatment is successful as group or 1 to 1 therapy

Irrational emotions, thoughts and behaviours needn't trouble you further - sessions of hypnotherapy in Tenterden and Battle could be the answer for you

Jealousy – persistent irrational jealousy can make life a misery and in the long term it risks wrecking your relationship. An occasional twinge of jealousy is perfectly normal even if your logical mind knows that there really is no basis for it. Patients who have benefited from my hypnotherapist skills in Tenterden have been those whose jealousy is uncontrollable even though their logical mind knows that their partner is not cheating on them. It is been a great relief to them to be able to say goodbye to the neurotic behaviour, the constant analyzing of every nuance of their partner’s behaviour and the insatiable need for reassurance.

Loneliness is the scourge of our modern society. Hypnotherapy will provide you with the confidence and skills to break out of the prison of loneliness. Many people have come to me for help and it is a real pleasure to coax them out of the prison of shyness and loneliness and the depressed mood that often accompanies it.

Low self-esteem - Good self-esteem is the basis for contentment and success in all areas of life. I work with patients to enable them to develop their own personal fund of self-esteem that will support them in their family life, the workplace and in their social life.


Low frustration tolerance - If you find that the slightest setback feels more than you can cope with, then it may be worth while getting your GP to give you a general health check as conditions such as low thyroid (hypothyroidism), glandular fever and post-viral fatigue can fundamentally undermine your strength and leave you feeling more debilitated than normal. When direct physical causes have been ruled out hypnotherapy works wonders: so many patients have reported that hypnosis makes them feel wonderfully relaxed. I usually teach self-hypnosis so that they can continue to enjoy the profound calm and confidence that comes with regular hypnosis.

Mental Health
300,000 people with long-term mental health problems lose their jobs each year, while poor mental health costs employers up to £42bn a year.
For example, in the construction industry alone, one in four workers consider taking their own lives, with male workers being 35% more likely to do so, in comparison with other professions. Pick up the phone and talk - just do it.

I went to Helen to see if she could help me with the migraines that I was suffering from. She taught me techniques to control the pain and in general, her methods were very useful. She also enabled me to deal with other aspects of my life, after only three sessions. G. from Kent

Miscarriage - nobody can ever truly understand the pain caused by the loss of a child. Sometimes family and friends assume you have recovered but it lies there like a lead weight on your heart despite the efforts of your will-power to move on with your life. Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind and I have helped a lot of people lay traumatic material to rest but keeping the dignity of your loss intact.


Morning Sickness
Hypnosis has been used to help reduce morning sickness for more than 50 years. the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis conducted group hypnosis with obstetrical patients, suggesting that continuing the comfort felt under hypnosis would control hyperemesis or morning sickness. The comfort was effective for 2 to 10 days and sometimes permanently.

The thalidomide scandal showed the risks that drugs pose to the unborn baby. The absence of drugs in hypnotherapy makes it the perfect choice for expectant mothers and treatment can also include suggestions to the unconscious mind to generate a comfortable pregnancy and a relaxed and comfortable birth.

Nail-biting - People who bite their nails often do it without thinking and have been nagged by family and friends for years without the slightest effect. Because the hypnotist works on the unconscious mind, this problem is usually treatable with just a couple of sessions and 99% of the time there is no need to root around in a person's past looking for unresolved childhood issues.


Nightmares – Your hypnotherapist is able to help you break the distressing experience of regular nightmares, or being trapped in a nightmare and unable to wake up.


Obsessive compulsive disorder - compulsive hand-washing, cleaning, counting, tidying, checking locks, hoarding and collecting are all very responsive to hypnotherapy, after which you will have a lot more time to actually enjoy your life.

Panic attacks - After 12 years in practice it is still a great delight to enable patients to be free from the misery of panic attacks.

Paranoia - Your hypnotherapist can help you retrieve your sense of perspective and change the unhelpful habit of imagining danger all around you.

Perfectionism - What a millstone round your neck! For some very excellent (and only slightly imperfect!) treatment pick up the phone and call me NOW!


Poor immune system or HIV – regular practice of self-hypnosis has been shown to improve the immune system

Post traumatic stress disorder - Patients have been thrilled to be free from the flashbacks and emotional upheaval that comes from traumatic experiences.

Public speaking – whether you have to be give a best man speech, do a presentation at a meeting, pitch a product to buyers, or give an after dinner speech, or you have been roped into amateur dramatics, hypnotherapy is brilliant for dealing with overwhelming nerves, shaking, dry mouth, stuttering and getting lost


Relationship difficulties - people can be exceptionally tricky to deal with, especially those who seem to break all the rules of acceptable social behaviour. Hypnotherapy can help mend emotional fragility and I have helped numerous people deal with the 'difficult' people in their lives, often with increased humour. Tenterden's most skilled hypnotherapist is here to help you.

Revision - often schools give little or no information about how to go about revising for exams. I teach students a series of solid revision strategies and also instruct them how to keep themselves calm, organized, and focused during the exam itself. If you have proved to yourself over and over again that your study material is in your head, then an exam becomes a welcome chance to strut your stuff - to show the examiner just what you can do.


Self-criticism – some people are always beating themselves up; your hypnotherapist in Tenterden & Battle will help you become your own best friend: you’ll find you enjoy life so much more and will get more done.

Severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease. A clinical study of patients with severe or very severe inflammatory bowel disease on corticosteroids but not responding to medication received 12 sessions of “gut-focused hypnotherapy” and were followed up for a mean duration of 5.4 years with disease severity being graded as remission, mild, moderate, severe, or very severe. Two patients (13.4%) failed to respond and required surgery. At follow-up for the remaining 13 patients, 4 (26.6%) were in complete remission, 8 (53.3%) had mild severity, and 1 (6.7%) was moderately severe. Quality of life became good or excellent in 12 (79.9%). Corticosteroid requirements dramatically declined with 60% of patients stopping them completely and not requiring any during follow-up. Hypnotherapy appears to be a promising adjunctive treatment for inflammatory bowel disease and has steroid sparing effects." Courtesy of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

Smoking – people smoke for a wide variety of reasons – habit, boredom, self punishment, the need for a break between periods of work, the habit of smoking after food, with tea/coffee or alcohol, feeling you need a ‘treat’ after a hard day..... I see a lot of people every year and my success rate is very high.

Snoring – For some reason a lot of people come from Ashford for hypnosis for snoring! It can help you snore less and if you share a bed with a snorer it can help you “tune out” the noise and get a good night’s sleep

Stop Smoking) - Stop smoking with Hypnotherapy NOW. No Excuses. Stop putting it off any longer. Pick up the phone and call me NOW!

Surgery – before undergoing surgery, learn self-hypnosis. Not only will you be less anxious beforehand, but you will be more resistant to infection afterwards. When practiced regularly it has been shown to improve immune function which can help you recover from surgery more quickly.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) – your dentist may be the first person to notice that your grinding your teeth at night is causing chipped teeth. Your partner may notice the noise. Because hypnosis works on the unconscious part of the mind, it is very good at curing teeth grinding, even if you do it when you are asleep.

Tics An episode of 'I'm Different, Let Me Drive' (BBC) hypnotherapy is used to control a learner driver's tics so that she is safe to drive. After years of lessons, she finally passes thanks to hypnotherapy.

Tinnitus – your Tenterden & Battle expert hypnotherapist will help you tune out unwanted noises.


vAPING the latest research shows that vaping damages the lungs and that long term use probably leads to serious lung disease. This means you might be so breathless that you have to carry an oxygen cylinder with you wherever you go and be unable to manage any and all stiars.

Weight loss – I have a specialist and very successful weight-loss approach that deals with cravings, portion control, and which leads to long term stable and sustainable weight loss

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