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Hypnotherapy in the workplace is a powerful & dynamic tool for improving staff performance and resuscitating directors, managers and staff suffering from stress and burnout. It can be used to motivate the under-performer, reduce resistance to change, increase flexibility, minimize fear, stress and anxiety; and improve courage, resilience and confidence. People I treat say that I make them feel better about themselves.

I work in a way that is both direct and empathetic and I have a real gift for helping people come to terms with and amend the tricky corners of their personality. Because hypnosis harnesses the power of the unconscious mind, it can also enable people to generate exciting, creative and game-changing ideas. After working with me, people find that they approach problem solving with less negativity and more lateral thinking and confidence.

Over the last twenty years I have worked with a lot of business and private patients at all levels, and my clients have been delighted and relieved to find their lives improved by marked and lasting change. All the best businesses treat their employees as their most valuable asset and will spare no expense to nurture them through difficult times, such as downsizing, reorganization, takeovers, mergers, court cases and other prolonged periods of stress.


  • Speak in front of others with calmness and confidence

  • Performance anxiety

  • Eliminate unnecessary test nerves and exam stress

  • Improve mental health

  • Dental and medical phobias

  • Deal with difficult people ... wherever you are.

  • Fear of flying and travel.

  • Fear or phobia of spiders, wasps, bugs, bats and beetles

  • Phobia of heights, glass lifts. Here is the feedback from one Sept 2019 patient
    Here's how she described her problem
    "My height problem didn't really affect me as a 20 yr old. I would go on fair ground rides but probably since having children it has slowly come about and is getting worse as I'm getting older. Going on cable cars, high castle stairs/towers is where I have noticed it. The O2 up in the gods.... I sweat, feel like I'm losing my balance, tremble and legs feel like jelly! How I have coped so far is looked at the back of someone's head (family or friends). And tend not to do/avoid doing/going - easier than feeling upset."
    And after hypnosis
    "Hi Helen,
    I am really pleased with the progress I saw/felt over the bank holiday weekend....went in a glass lift and staircase with gaps and 3rd floor !!!!! Really pleased thank you."
    Kate B, E Sussex.


  • Anger management - Hypnotherapy will help you learn emotional wisdom. Genuine anger is a last resort for emergencies. Using it regularly is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and exposes your brain and body to a lot of harmful toxic chemicals and you CAN learn to do it differently.

  • Eat healthily - hypnotherapy strengthens willpower and awareness, enabling you to refuse salty, carb-heavy, sugary, fatty foods and to really love greens and salads. Understand the hidden calories in fruit juices and most dressings and sauces. In hypnosis you will understand the many, many reasons why we eat far more food than our bodies need.

  • Get the motivation to exercise, and/or study

  • Change behaviours that stem from low self-esteem, such as not standing up for yourself. It isn't healthy to be dominated and manipulated by others. Using my many years of experience both in the City and as a therapist, I can help you devise shrewd strategies to help you break free from people who are excessively dominant and manipulative.

  • Break unwanted habits and addictions such as smoking, nail-biting, hair-pulling, vaping. But please note I do not treat drug addictions (heroin, cocaine, cannabis etc under any circumstances )

  • Improve sports focus and performance

  • After working with me, customers report that their ability to go out and really enjoy their life is vastly improved


  • Get relief for various types of pain (e.g. complex regional pain syndrome) and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

  • Reduce the frequency of epilepsy

  • Enjoy a good night's sleep. Eradicate nightmares

  • Help for eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

  • Post traumatic stress disorder and more minor traumas such as divorce, bereavement, injustice, being involved in a trial, breakdown of a relationship or friendship


    Some more information on some of the above conditions in alphabetical order.

    Alcohol - Excessive drinking

    Anxiety โ€“ constant worrier, panic attacks, always imagining the worst, generalized anxiety disorder, free-floating anxiety.

    Blushing and self-consciousness - "I found myself chatting to people in the lift at work, something I had never done before."

    Depression โ€“ persistent low mood, focusing on loss, incapacity, weakness, frustration, pain and setbacks, constant rehashing of negative events in your life, sense of disempowerment.

    Divorce A patient recently described her hypnotherapy sessions as 'invaluable' in helping her get through a painful divorce.

    Eating Disorders/Weight Loss Some people are sugar addicts, others eat too little of the right foods and too much of the wrong things. People eat to make up for a lack of love now or in the past, to deaden emotional and mental suffering, to counteract a sense of failure, hopelessness and being not loveable enough. People eat out of habit. People find it hard to eat healthily in company. My hypnotherapy gets to the heart of the matter without criticizing or judging.

    Eczema and psoriasis/Skin disorders -

    Exam nerves,

    Recently, it was my great pleasure to help yet another patient achieve her lifetime ambition of getting a place on a course. A couple of years ago, she had quit a prestigious job to try for a place on a course to enable her to pursue her goal, only to fail the audition. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, including some things that were completely beyond her control. However, her dream career continued to haunt her and she applied afresh, but this time she came for hypnosis prior to taking the audition. In hypnosis we worked on strengthening her self-esteem and her presentation skills. I suggested a lot of practical ways in which she could promote herself and anticipate and deflect possible criticisms. Using hypnosis her subconscious mind was powerfully strengthened and although there were 80 applicants for only four places, she proved herself a worthy candidate and won one of the coveted places.

    Fears and phobias flying, spiders, dentists, needles, being trapped, lifts, โ€˜of there being not enough air,โ€™ social situations, fear of people.

    To The Tenterden Hypnotherapist, Helen France
    Dear Helen, thank you once again for your help. I have given your details to my G.P. and massage therapist so perhaps you will hear from them. Life is easier for me now since I stopped carrying the sole responsibility for my son and his family and now have a better sense of where any boundaries need to be. Once again, thank you, Diana Austin.

    Insomnia -

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    Low self-esteem - Self confidence and Courage

    Migraines and Cluster Headaches
    "I went to Helen to see if she could help me with the migraines that I was suffering from. She taught me techniques to control the pain and in general, her methods were very useful. She also enabled me to deal with other aspects of my life, after only three sessions. G. from Kent"


    "I just wanted to thank you for the truly astounding result of your hypnotherapy session with me. I had been waking in the night with quite horrific nightmares and come to realize that I always need to pop to the toilet after waking up. After just a few sessions with you, where you taught my inner self to simply wake me up peacefully when I needed a pee, I have not had a single nightmare since. The result is a more restful night. "
    Ian Lloyd, Property and Energy Consultant

    Obsessive compulsive disorder - compulsive hand-washing, cleaning, counting, tidying, checking locks, hoarding and collecting are all very responsive to hypnotherapy, after which you will have a lot more time to actually enjoy your life.

    Panic attacks, fears, phobias and anxiety

    Perfectionism -

    Post traumatic stress disorder -

    Public speaking

    Relationship difficulties


    Teeth grinding (bruxism)

    Tics An episode of 'I'm Different, Let Me Drive' (BBC) hypnotherapy is used to control a learner driver's tics so that she is safe to drive. After years of lessons, she finally passes thanks to hypnotherapy.


    Weight loss.

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